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AquaSnowStar Welcome Page

"Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the Ocean"

Thich Nhat Hanh

Image by Dani Costelo

Miracles Do Happen

Dont Forget to Breath...


Hablo Espanol


Welcome to AquaSnowStar, your go-to source for spiritual readings. Offering guidance for all aspects of life, including relationships, career, and health.


AquaSnowStar readings are special as she is a light worker that is not only clairvoyant (receives inner sight without the aid of physical sight and beyond limitations of time and space), also has clairsentience (clear feeling without outer stimuli), is clairscent (clear smelling of energy not limited to time and space), and a clairempath (clear emotion of others in oneself) Sometimes even has clairaudience but that gift is not fully developed at this time.


As part of a third generation of healers, mediums and spiritual teachers AquaSnowStar believes that each person has the power to reach their highest potential and with the right spiritual guidance, they can make the most of their lives. The readings are tailored to your individual needs and can help you gain clarity and insight into your life’s path.


AquaSnowStar has full confidence in helping you reach your highest potential to create a life you truly love. Whether you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed or just need an extra push, the spiritual readings are here to help you on your healing journey to reach your higher self by developing self-love and finding inner peace.

          Book your spiritual reading today and start unlocking the  answers you’ve been searching for!


AquaSnowStar specializes in love readings including

Twin Flames.

Image by Shashi Chaturvedula
"I got the job!!! It seriously happened so fast like the cards said"

Mari, NYC

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